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    Motion Presents: Emopalooza 2014

    Presented by Edgar Treto and Julian Aldaco

    January 30, 2014


    Motion Presents: Emopalooza 2014

    Emopalooza sprung from the minds of Edgar Treto and Julian Aldaco in the summer of 2010. Tired of overrated and overpriced music festivals, they decided to embark on a project new to the Santa Ana music scene. The name originates from Edgar’s nickname and NOT from the subculture music genre of the mid 2000s. The show itself started as a celebration of Edgar’s birthday. The first two festivals were held in his backyard. Eventually he ventured out and find a new venue, which brought Emopalooza to Bistro 400. The bar, packed like sardines, hosted a night full of good music and even better vibes, 2013’s festival was a success. Since the beginning, Emopalooza has prided itself in keeping its finger on the pulse of the local music scene by showcasing its most eclectic and talented artists. After all, music is about being creative and having fun while doing it.

    In 2014, Emopalooza delves into uncharted territory with more bands, a bigger venue, and incredible momentum; this year’s festival will be one for the books.


    The Kyms
    The Hurricanes
    The Circus Kids
    Electro City
    Thee Old Worries
    Time AndEnergy
    Evan Geesman
    Sail Hatin
    Paper Houses
    Glass Tapes

    Original Mikes

    100 S. Main St.
    Santa Ana, CA 92701

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