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Brianne Cole

I am currently a full time educator in an elementary setting. I utilize my artistic abilities within that role to provide enrichment and allow my students to develop creatively. I have designed and executed the art for many events in the school setting, including family nights, movie nights, and special events like Trunk or Treat. I approach these from the perspective of both a creative director and project manager. I develop ideas, facilitate, and execute them for the school setting. I know how to manage my students in order to help them participate in the designs and decorations for any particular event. I have a great eye for proportion and can freehand enlarge things like animated characters very well – comparable to sizes you would see on a mural. I have aspirations to paint murals one day and would love the practice!

I have a keen eye for design as well. This can be seen in my personal logo that I created with Adobe Creative Suite, as well as my classroom art doors. For events throughout the school year, I design classroom door decorations and set ups to accompany. My photos and process videos can show how I come up with a vision I want to create, and then I use a variety of mediums to make it happen.

I would love to branch out and work with people to grow my abilities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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