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Diana Ghoukassian

Diana has been involved with the art world for many years, with varying interests. In 2009 she turned to photography, with an eye toward transforming the ordinary everyday acts and objects, overlooked by most, into what she considers “the extraordinary”. Artist Ann Marshall described the work as “photos used in a most abstract way”.

Diana’s work is all about creativity. Many of her shots are snapped from a moving vehicle, capturing fleeting moments. Though Diana has won several awards for her photography, she will tell you that the camera is simply her tool and imperfections are very much part of her art. One of her biggest fans, her daughter Karyn, described her mother as “an artist with an idiosyncratic perception” and “it’s a discerning eye that makes Diana the person and artist she is”. Warren Allen said “it all seems to hinge on your powers of observation”, adding “if I understand correctly, the photograph of the composition, rather than the composition itself, is the thing”.

In terms of art form, Diana’s art can be called minimalistic, new realism and abstract expressionism. Whether working in black and white or in very vivid and contrasting colors, one can often detect the negative spaces in her art that speak of solitude. Artist Rolf Goelitz said “Diana’s abstracts invite you to dive in and meditate, reflect and think about the simple beauty of color”. “Bold, colorful, graphic, mildly erotic but tasteful … wonderfully didactic

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