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Marjorie Sanders

"I am interested in pushing the boundaries of what digital technology can do to create truly unique imagery. In the last five years, I have transitioned from the camera to the computer as my primary means of creative expression. While there are elements in my art that suggest photorealism, I create from my imagination, without the use of a model, camera or lens. I use a digitized stylus and graphics tablet along with highly specialized software to mix and apply my own digital "paint" directly onto the virtual canvas of my computer screen. Making extensive use of filters, fractals, distortions and gradients, I blend and manipulate elements in transparent layers until intriguing patterns emerge. The digital art medium allows open-ended, spontaneous exploration and discovery with often unexpected results. In that sense, you could say that the process inspires the outcome.

My finished images are exposed by red, blue and green lasers onto light-sensitive, metallic papers. No inks are used in the process. The "light-jet prints" are then fused between a highly refined, acrylic face plate and a composite back, making each work of art truly one-of-a-kind."


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