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Artistic Producing Director

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Artistic Producing Director


Job Title: Artistic Producing Director, Ferndale Repertory Theatre

Reporting: Reports to Board of Directors  |  Supervises: All staff and volunteers

Deadline: 10-15-2020

Job Summary: The Artistic Producing Director (APD) holds the top management position and is responsible for managing the human and financial resources of Ferndale Repertory Theatre (FRT) in order to achieve the theatre’s mission. To that end, the APD is responsible and accountable for all operational aspects of the organization and for implementing the policies set by the Board of Directors.

Organization: FRT’s mission is to provide quality live theatre which will educate, stimulate, challenge and excite our patrons, theatre artisans and performers. FRT has been at the center of Ferndale’s cultural landscape throughout its nearly 50-year history. Housed in the 184 seat Hart theatre, FRT is recognized as the oldest and largest of the North Coast’s resident community theatres. FRT is currently governed by an 11 member board of directors. The board can include up to 17 members and is seeking to fulfill that number. FRT’s FY19 budget was $338,000.

Environment: Located in a rural area 270 miles north of San Francisco, Humboldt County’s stunning natural environment includes 110 miles of coastline and 680,000 acres of state and national parks. The U.S. Census Bureau (U.S.C.B.) identified Humboldt County as home to more working artists per capita than any other county in California. Humboldt County’s 2019 demographics according to the U.S.C.B. statistics are: White 83%, Hispanic/Latino 12.1% (U.S. Census Bureau distinguishes that Hispanic/Latino is not a Race, so these data reflect participants who selected Hispanic/Latino as an identifier in a separate question), American Indian or Alaska Native 6%, Asian 3 % Black or African American 1.5%, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 0.3%. The median gross income for households in Humboldt County is $3,516 a month. The median rent for the county is $892 a month.

Traits and Characteristics: The APD will be an innovative, resilient and strategic leader who can bring together multiple constituencies to achieve a common vision and purpose. This individual will exhibit trust, integrity, and transparency and will have the capacity to deeply respect others, effectively and tactfully handle difficult or sensitive issues, build consensus, and guide the team in support of the organizations values. The APD will demonstrate a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and will foster a safe and anti-racist environment for Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (BIPOC) audiences, board members, leaders, staff, volunteers and artists understanding the need for harm prevention, reduction and relationship repair. The APD will demonstrate versatility and adaptability to various situations and be comfortable with change. A decisive leader, the APD will be receptive to new ideas, opportunities, and innovation while effectively leveraging organizational human, financial, and technological resources. The APD will have the ability to self-evaluate and take responsibility for their personal actions and decisions, accept setbacks, look for ways to progress, and understand how obstacles impact results. This individual will have the dexterity to balance timelines and desired outcomes, the capacity to discern competing priorities and effectively manage difficulties and delays, the ability to prioritize organizational activities and a willingness to maintain a flexible work schedule to meet the demands of the position. The APD will have the drive to anticipate and understand existing and future audience interests, and be effective in the cultivation and solicitation of all contributed revenue streams (individuals, corporate, foundation, government, events). The APD will have strong writing and verbal communication and will be a valuable spokesperson for the organization.

Qualifications: Leadership experience in a dynamic arts, cultural, educational, or similar community-focused or socially-oriented organization is necessary. A demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and access are required, as well as experience navigating change and inspiring seasoned participants. Qualified candidates will have a deep knowledge of the performing arts field, trends, and best practices and possess a history of personal involvement in the performing arts. Proven results in fundraising and comprehensive contributed and earned revenue skills are highly desirable. Relevant degree(s) in the arts, business, nonprofit management (or equivalent experience) are preferred. A broad range of life experience is welcomed.

Compensation and benefits: FRT offers a competitive salary commensurate with experience, beginning at $40,000 per year with three weeks paid vacation.

Application: For more information and application portal visit website:

Contact:Leira V. Satlof
Address: 447 Main Street

Deadline: 10-15-2020