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Newport Beach Civic Center Park Sculpture Exhibition

The City of Newport Beach (City) is seeking up to ten artworks to display for two years in the heart of Newport Beach in Civic Center Park for Phase VIII of its ongoing Invitational Sculpture Exhibition. Submissions are now complete for this phase, and, after reviewing all submitted works for eligibility, artistic merit, durability, safety, and other factors, the jury consisting of the City Arts Commission and two outside experts has qualified 33 works for consideration.

The public’s vote will determine 10 Finalists and 3 Alternates to present to the City Council for approval.


How it works:

  • Voting is online only.
  • Voting is for Residents of Newport Beach only. Votes from ZIP codes outside of Newport Beach will not be counted.
  • The period for voting ends January 10, 2023.
  • Voters may select up to three favorite works among those submitted.
  • Individuals may only cast their votes once. Voters must provide a valid e-mail address and their ZIP code.
  • Finalists and Alternates recommended by this poll must be reviewed to confirm that the works are still available, that there are no unforeseen issues with regards to installation and/or safety, and that a contract can successfully be executed with the artist. The Newport Beach City Council will make the final decision regarding the 10 works to be installed.

The selection and installation process for the Sculpture Exhibition in Civic Center Park is managed under contract with the City of Newport Beach by Arts Orange County, the nonprofit countywide arts council.

This poll has ended (since 4 months).