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SoCal Ballet Scene

SoCal Ballet Scene

Southern California has an abundance of talent among the ballet artists that reside here. Our mission is to showcase the dancers and ballet organizations in Southern California and provide opportunities for the community to connect with these local artists. Our annual festival event fosters collaboration and support between the various local ballet organizations, uniting them into single celebration of this art form; complementary tickets were provided to underserved youth.  A new dance film is being produced in 2023, and the next festival event will take place in 2024.

Our inaugural festival event attracted hundreds of people from the southern California area, both seasoned dance lovers as well as people experiencing ballet for the first time!  Through the educational format of our festival event, the local community has the opportunity to learn more about ballet as an inspiring art form that is centuries old.  Community support allows us to:

  • bring the experience of seeing live theatre and dance to youth from underserved neighborhoods in SoCal,
  • provide a platform for our local elite ballet artists and dance companies to perform and connect with the SoCal community,
  • and unite Southern California artists together to network and foster future creative collaborations.


Our Response to COVID-19:

SoCal Ballet Scene was founded in response to the needs of local dance artists and audiences impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions on public performance.  Two ballet videos were produced during the height of the pandemic, providing paid opportunities for local artists and choreographers, and the director offered complementary classes to local professional dancers impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • "Allure" - a short film ballet created by Sadie Black for SoCal Ballet Scene Featuring dancers from across Southern California in a unique setting with historical aircraft, "Allure" celebrates the power, beauty, and glamour of flight. Created by Sadie Black Produced by Rena Kamariotakis for SoCal Ballet Scene Featuring: Kelsey Dorr, Madison Morris, Rena Kamariotakis, Irina Shabanova, and Susan Vishmid Videography by Kassandra Carrettini Editing by Rena Kamariotakis Photography by Hugh Foster Filmed at the Lyon Air Museum in Orange County

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