Scott Williams

Scott Williams



   26091 Birendra, Lake Forest, CA, 92630

HammerHands Music is a musical presentation on the hammered dulcimer by Scott Williams of Orange County, California. The hammered dulcimer is an unusual stringed instrument dating back to ancient Persia about 2,000 years ago.  It later evolved into the harpsichord in Renaissance-era England.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Scott uses his studio creations of mandolin, guitar, bass, drums, and strings to embellish the melodies of his live hammered dulcimer.  Scott has been entertaining countless Guests at Downtown Disneyland over the last decade, performing tracks from his five albums (2 Celtic, Christmas, Rock and Roll, Gentle).  His gentle music has provided a soundtrack for weddings, small concerts, Celtic festivals, and street-style performances over his twenty years of performing.