Tee Wilcox

Tee Wilcox

Visual Artist: Fiber Art/Fine Craft - Visual Artist: Jewelry - Visual Artist: Sculpture - Recycled Materials Artist


Website: https://www.behance.net/Teeupstitcd274

   Santa Ana, CA, 92703

Wearable arts creator, upcycle material artist, fiber artist, activity assistant.

Artistic Statement - My name is Tee and I create wearable art. I incorporate cleaned cardboard cereal boxes, candy wrappers, twist ties, hanger wire, and product packaging no longer used. These items that once contained products might be viewed as having no further purpose after their initial use, and a consumer might decide to discard them. I see a further use for these materials that have unique textures and sounds. In some of my wearable pieces I add elements of the natural environment like rocks, seeds, leaves, and pinecones.

My artistic name is Teeupstitch because I repurpose/upcycle items and create new and interesting objects.

Dream Jobs are to work with Children or our Elders in sparking their creativity, and/or collaborations with other Artists, Towns, Villages, Cities, on Art projects related to ways of upcycling/recycling what we throw away.

Nothing is ever wasted, it can be refashioned and passed on.

A sample of my Art is found here:  www.behance.net/Teeupstitcd274

Please contact me to view my a sample of beverage carton rings that I reimagined as fashionable finger rings.  Cordially,  Teeupstitch