Sacramento Artist Roster

Sacramento Artist Roster



 Sacramento Office of Arts & Culture 915 I Street, 3rd Floor A, CA, 95814

The County of Sacramento Office of Arts & Culture, Sacramento Public Art Program invites all California and US-based artists to submit their qualifications for inclusion in the Sacramento Artist Roster for February 2021 through December 2025.

Public artists and studio artists are encouraged to apply. The Artist Roster will primarily serve as a resource for selecting artists and artwork through our public panel selection process.

Established in 1977, The Office of Arts + Culture (formerly the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission) is a division within the City of Sacramento devoted to supporting, promoting and advancing the arts in Sacramento. The Office of Arts + Culture provides funding for the arts through Grant programing; engages in initiatives and partnerships through the Art Education Program; and enhances neighborhoods with the City’s Public Art Collection, exhibitions, and lecture series.
Sacramento’s Public Art Program is funded through City ordinance that specifies 2% of eligible City capital improvement project budgets be set aside for the commission, purchase, and installation of artworks throughout the City. The Sacramento Arts, Culture and Creative Economy Commission acts as an advisory body to the City Manager and Council regarding approval of Public Art acquisition.