Artists, Curators, Non-Profits

Artists, Curators, Non-Profits


 8300 Santa Monica Boulevard West Hollywood, CA, 90069

Artists, curators, and non-profit art organizations are invited to submit qualifications for the Moving Image Media Art Program (MIMA) Prequalified List.

Deadline to submit applications is November 1, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

Qualified applicants from the field include, but are not limited to, those working in film, video, photography, animation, performance, and other forms of digital media such as artists working in all forms of moving image media art; curators with experience in exhibiting artists working in moving image media art; and non-profit art organizations representing moving image media artists.

Selected applicants from the Prequalified List will be invited to exhibit their work in the MIMA Program. Artworks can range in duration from 1-10 minutes or be a related series of artworks in durations between 1-10 minutes. Currently the billboards do not allow for audio. Artworks should be silent.

MIMA is a digital art program presenting moving image artworks on multiple digital billboards at various locations along Sunset Boulevard. The exhibition series offers artists the opportunity, and the funding, to create immediate, remarkable, and ambitious works of art that engage with the unique visual landscape of the world-famous Sunset Strip, and experiment with the state-of-the-art technology of high-definition digital signage.