The ArtsBridge America model creates university and K-12 school partnerships that allow university students and K-12 school teachers the opportunity to create and implement lessons that integrate the arts into the traditional curricula in ways that address both specific classroom needs as well as state and national standards in visual and performing arts.

ArtsBridge programs at universities across the country create university and K-12 school collaborations by partnering university students (ArtsBridge Scholars) with K-12 supervising teachers (ArtsBridge Host Teachers) to introduce interdisciplinary arts instruction through hands-on projects. Over the course of a semester, ArtsBridge scholars spend 1-3 hours a week in the classroom integrating art, dance, drama, digital art, and music to create unique lessons in the arts linked to language arts, math, science, and social studies. Under the guidance of a university faculty mentor, ArtsBridge scholars works collaboratively with K-12 teachers to create unique lessons in the arts that are linked to and enhance the core curriculum. For elementary teachers without specialization in the arts, this support can awaken teachers’ appreciation for the value of arts in education. And for arts specialists, these passionate young artists can supplement and expand existing arts instruction.


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