APÉRO Catalogue

APÉRO Catalogue

Visual Arts

Website: http://www.SHOWAPERO.com

 Fullerton, CA 92832

APÉRO is a monthly published fine art catalogue with unique themes for emerging and established artists around the world to participate in a juried and curated fine art publication. APÉRO was founded in 2015 by Southern California artist E.E. Jacks. Jacks is a fine art oil painter, poet, and writer. The word APÉRO originates from the word aperitif, latin for ‘aperture’, meaning “to open”. APÉRO is a catalyst to ‘open’ and ‘expose’ the mind to the artwork of living artists from around the world. Our goal is to bring artists, art patrons and people together, to enjoy an intellectual and in-depth experience through the presentation of art. APÉRO held a physical fine art gallery in Fullerton, California exhibiting local artists where Jacks, Tess Is and other artists curated monthly gallery events. Today, APÉRO is curated by Jacks and the catalogue is produced by designer Jeremy E. Grayson. APÉRO has published monthly fine art catalogues since May 2017.