Muse Dance Company

Muse Dance Company




 1017 Westwood Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92703

Founded in 2005,  Muse was created based on the understanding that every dancer has individual wants and needs for their dance education. Because of this, Muse offers customized in-house workshops to fit the needs of your dancers. Contact Muse Dance Company today to begin organizing your Muse event. Choose from a wide variety of styles, levels, and our large panel of professional teachers worldwide. We are always looking to add new clients to our tour. We look forward to hearing from you today.

*Muse Dance Company’s phenomenal faculty include Gina Starbuck, Kenny Wormald, Erica Sobol, Lauren Gottlieb, Nathan Trasoras, Tucker Barkley, Legacy, Noelle Marsh, Jason Williams, Joe Loera, Chris Jones, Hayley Kostas, Nolan Padilla, Jessica Starr, Matthew Fata.