Sculpture - Outdoor

 1900 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA, 92651


John Barber and Louis Longi, 2007

“Beacon” and “Usher In” is a collaborative installation by two local artists, John Barber and Louis Longi. “Beacon” symbolically directs visitors with a beacon of light towards the city while “Usher In” reinforces the importance and value of visitors with two figures carrying them towards the arts.”We wanted to have this woman hold this big lamp that pointed down to shed light on ‘Usher In’ as well as to the direction of the city,” Louis said. “The glass that I cast for this bench is a turquoise color with currents underneath to show these figures ‘ushering in the water,'” John said.


Funded by the City of Laguna Beach

Art in Public Places

Medium type: Glass

Date created: 2007