Kim-Olympic Rhythms

Kim-Olympic Rhythms

Sculpture - Outdoor

 Northeast corner of Imperial and Berry, Brea, CA, 92821

Kim-Olympic Rhythms

Natalie Krol

This sculpture depicts a young athlete springing to life, commemorating Rhythmic Gymnastics as a new event in the 1984 Olympics. Artist Natalie Krol formed “Kim” through a challenging process called copper repousee, done by hammering copper into a plaster form, similar to the way the Statue of Liberty was created.

The beautiful 10 1/2′ tall sculpture is a visual hymn to the pursuit of physical, as well as mental, excellence. The graceful figure appears to be floating in mid air, while in her hand a baton projects a bolt of ribbon that laces the air with a series of concentric circles in stainless steel. The circles seem to echo the Olympic rings, which are symbols of an eternal bond of all countries.

Sponsored by Mercury Casualty Company

Medium type: Copper

Dimensions: 11' x 5' x 9'