Oil - The Evolution

Oil - The Evolution

Bench - Mosiac/Wall Relief

 Northwest cornet of Santa Fe and Tonner Ridge Drive, Brea, CA, 92821

Oil – The Evolution

Marlo Bartels, 2017

Like a large derrick. Brea is founded on oil, the first people in Brea were oil well cutters. Wanting to use the image of an oil derrick, it has five sides so you can see more than one side at a time. It includes through the crossbars of the derrick the landscape of Brea (pepper trees, poppies, and cactus). At night it lights up.

Depicted around the base are diatoms- the microscopic single cell organisms that when they are pressed under the ocean it creates oil.  It is part of a 3/4 mile park part of Blackstone Homes. (Blackstone 4)

Sponsored by Blackstone Homes, Inc.

Medium type: Glazed Ceramic Tile

Date created: 2017