Rock Wagon

Rock Wagon

Sculpture - Outdoor

 Edgemont Lane and Ambling Drive, West of Kraemer Blouevard , Brea, CA, 92821

Rock Wagon

Harold Pastorius, 1979

This realistic sculpture was definitely a site specific endeavor. The housing development had an early California theme which was carried out with boulders spilling from a wooden wagon of bygone years. The subtle message was this was a place to rest and relax, as nothing was going to change for a while.

Note: Reportedly of a mother sent her child with a hammer, nail, and a garage sale sign to “Rock Wagon”. He returned flustered, and said “Mom its’ not made of wood.” What happened to protecting the Arts & teaching children the values of not damaging property?

Sponsored by Ponderosa Homes

Medium type: Bronze - Copper - Cor-Ten Steel - River Rock

Date created: 1979

Dimensions: 17' x 7.5' x 6.5'