Wilshire Auditorium

Wilshire Auditorium


Website: http://fcct.fullcoll.edu/Wilshire/wilshire_auditorium.htm#Introduction%20WL


 315 East Wilshire Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832

The Wilshire Auditorium, a proscenium theatre with a forestage extension, is located on the campus of the Wilshire School of Continuing Education, adjacent to Fullerton College. The seating capacity is 415. The extended thrust provides an intimate connection to the audience area, while the full stage space can be used to accommodate larger productions. The Auditorium houses full lighting capabilities with superb, natural acoustics for vocal performance while the sound system can handle many mixing duties.

Location Info

Wilshire Auditorium

315 East Wilshire Avenue

Fullerton, CA 92832