PÄS – Project Art School Gallery

PÄS – Project Art School Gallery

 1+714 871 2PAS (2727)

 223 West Santa Fe, Fullerton, CA 92832

to love people. all people.

what is PÄS?
brian and kristy prince have been dabbling in creative endeavors for as long as they can remember.

but none have been like this…

PÄS (pronounced pause)
is not about
their art — it’s about
community and the development
of art avenues. as they find
joy in viewing
others art, providing
the tools
to be creative, and
the space to be inspired.

welcome to PÄS | project art school.


inside PÄS
inside the walls of PÄS, you’ll find an open studio hosting workshops and gallery exhibits, stocking select art supplies, books, art and inspiration, as well as the design studio serving primate design’s clients. PÄS voices art, for students, children and professionals alike. we pause in life to view art and to appreciate the details. at PÄS, you’ll want to linger & think, chill & ponder, get inspired, then go on to create your own art.


Location Info

PÄS – Project Art School Gallery

223 West Santa Fe

Fullerton, CA 92832