ARTS Gallery at the Santora Building

ARTS Gallery at the Santora Building

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 207 N. Broadway, Suite Q, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Santa Ana College operates two premier art galleries: the main campus gallery located at 1530 W. 17th Street, established in the early 1970’s, and the SAC Arts Gallery at the Santora Building which has been the satellite gallery since 1996. The SAC Arts Gallery in at the Santora Building is located at 207 N. Broadway, Suite Q. Both galleries have been a strong presence in the community and valued partners in the Artists Village in Downtown Santa Ana.

The galleries’ programming includes four exhibitions per year in the campus Main Gallery and six exhibitions per year in the Downtown Artists Village. The gallery program provides students and visitors with world class art shows of prominent national and international artists, to encourage participation and discussion in the art viewing community at large and to further enrich the cultural landscape of Santa Ana. One of the highlights of the year at SAC’s Santora gallery is the High School Invitational which showcases the best art from the surrounding high schools.

The art gallery has built partnerships with businesses and community organizations by way of establishing scholarships and grants for our students. The Art Gallery has been the recipient of numerous community outreach and professional awards and grants.

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ARTS Gallery at the Santora Building

207 N. Broadway, Suite Q

Santa Ana, CA 92701