All-American Boys Chorus Headquarters

All-American Boys Chorus Headquarters

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 (714) 361-3920

 1801 E Edinger Ave Ste 210, Santa Ana, CA 92705

The All-American Boys Chorus is an internationally touring, non-denominational chorus that fosters the creative and leadership development of over one hundred boys annually. Enrollment in the Chorus is open to boys of all cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. Our programs combine music education with mentoring to help foster the self-confidence, creativity, work ethic, and leadership skills necessary to help young men succeed in life. We accept boys with no prior musical knowledge or training required and provide a highly-praised program of vocal and performance training supported by an acclaimed music literacy and ear training curriculum. The Chorus is divided into three levels – audition, training, and performing – and each boy progresses through the levels with the help of our peer-to-peer mentoring program, which sees our more experienced choristers mentoring the beginners, until, eventually, they have transitioned from novice to veteran themselves and can begin to mentor those coming after them. The progressive level structure of the Chorus ensures that each boy develops the necessary skills before moving to the next level and before participating in performances, and also thereby ensures that each boy has the skills to perform confidently.

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All-American Boys Chorus Headquarters

1801 E Edinger Ave Ste 210

Santa Ana, CA 92705