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Business Forum: Business Archway

Business Forum: Business Archway

This social gathering area memorializes early business in Anaheim, as well as provides amenities for the adjacent businesses. The Business Archway was installed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and pays tribute to professional and commercial history in City. It features historical accounts regarding commercial activity in 1893. Excerpts from the 1876 Business & Professional Directory, as well as old business rosters. The stones café tables (made of indigenous red, black, and white boulders) reference the light fixtures in the “East Room” and rest on the “backs” of the stooped steel figures with outstretched hands. These tables are designed to be used by café patrons and symbolize people walking through the business archway from the past to into the future indicating that we are linked to our past as we move forward in time. Referred to as Buster’s “West Room”.

Installation partially funded by Anaheim Chamber of Commerce.

Location: Anaheim

Medium type: Stone

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