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Chicano Gothic

Chicano Gothic

Emigdio Vasquez, 1987

Painted by Emigdio Vasquez  Chicano Gothic depicts the life of working-class Mexican-Americans in their dominant industries in Orange County. The title and theme are a reference to Grant Wood’s 1930 painting “American Gothic.” It is located in the enclosed outdoor swimming pool area in Memorial Park.

On the far left, an elderly man represents the fruit pickers in the citrus groves, and to his right a younger worker holds a hammer, perhaps as a factory worker or craftsman. In the center, a farmer stands next to his wife and young chid. Behind is a green field where workers are bent over as they tend to it, and a large factory is in the distance from which a tower gives off smoke. On the far right, a small house rests in front of the Santa Ana Mountains.


Category: Mural
Location: Santa Ana

Medium type: acrlyic

Date created: 1987

Dimensions: 6' x 20'


2101 S. Flower St, Santa Ana, CA, 92707

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