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John Park, 2019

“When I was in art school, I concentrated almost 100% on classical art. Oil painting, sculpture, anatomy and really just focused on that throughout my entire schooling and into the first ten years I was out of school. When I moved to L.A., at the time it was called pop surealist movement, it had a huge influence on me. There’s this amazing, vibrant modern art movement that still involved a high level of skill. That was the thing about modern art when I was studying it in school; it all seemed to be very deskilled, very high concept, low execution. So when i saw what was happening out here, I just knew I had to be part of it and I realized that the classical training was the perfect sort of launching pad to figure out what my actual creativity was going to be.”

The artist says. “One of my favorite modern trends is this need that all of these new developments have for putting artwork into their construction and actually planning for it. Public art brings so much more to any development, any neighborhood. I think that people are especially intrigued by it, especially the larger the scale. It’s an amazing path forward for a lot of artists. My hope is that when people see this piece, they stop and at least feel a little happy and at least feel that they have experienced something a little bit more beautiful in their day than they would normally run into.”

Category: Mural
Location: Tustin

Medium type: Acrylic Paint

Date created: 2019

Dimensions: 70' x 33' x 27'


1705 Flight Way, Tustin, CA, 92782

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