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Downtown Restroom Project

Downtown Restroom Project 

Various artists including: Kimberly Duran, Bud Herrera, Whitney Rose Egoian Barchey, Elizabeth Cardenas Sevilla, Gene, Brian Peterson, and Ed Turrell; 2018

The city of Santa Ana completed a project beautifying the exterior of a bathroom located in a parking lot on Third and Bush streets. Eight murals by six artists are on display. Two of the pictures — a Buddha and a psychedelic portrait of Frida Kahlo — are by Duran and Herrera. One two part mural is done by the Art for Change Collaborative, led by Whitney Rose Egoian Barchey and Elizabeth Cardenas Sevilla. A butterfly mural is done by “Gene.” Brian Peterson painted “Bold as a Lion” and “The Elephant in the Room.” And Ed Turrell created “Pure Light,” which captures a hummingbird drinking nectar from a flower.

Category: Mural; Panel
Location: Santa Ana

Medium type: Paint; Photography

Date created: 2018


Third and Bush Street, Santa Ana, CA, 92701


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