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Eternal Sunset

Eternal Sunset

John Barber, 2003

John Barber’s execution of a custom 27-foot long glass mural at the entrance of the Montage Laguna Beach Resort, 30801 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, California. Barber created the distinctive glass mural, Eternal Sunset, in a style known as pate de verre glass casting. This most unique form of glass is rarely seen historically or in contemporary work. Very early glassmakers used the technique of metal casting to cast glass and treat it as “poured stone.” Dating from the 3rd Century BC, this technique predates blown glass by 1500 years. Glass works created in pate de verre have proven durability, and some museum pieces have survived more than 2000 years. The beautiful mural, visible from Pacific Coast Highway, depicts a graceful Laguna Beach landscape. This bas relief mural is composed of 17 cast panels 1.5 inches thick and is backlit at night offering a glowing sunset perspective.


Funded by the Montage Resort and Spa

Art in Public Places

Location: Laguna Beach

Medium type: Glass

Date created: 2003

Dimensions: 32' x 4'

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