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Fire Bird

Fire Bird

Richard Lippold, 1986

Soaring through the facade of the Segerstrom Center for the Arts’ Segerstrom Hall is Fire Bird, a major architectural sculpture of enormous scale created by renowned sculptor Richard Lippold. Made of red, gold and silver aluminum and steel, Fire Bird‘s vibrant colors relate to the warm tonalities of The Center’s Napoleon red granite exterior, while its polished metal surfaces contrast with the granite’s rugged texture. The great glass wall that encloses the lobby areas permits a visual continuity between the inside and outside of the building, while the balconies on each level allow patrons to experience the sculpture at close proximity.

Richard Lippold’s Fire Bird is really about the colors and rhythms of music and how they relate to the asymmetric architecture of the Orange County Performing Arts Center. It just happens to look like a bird.

Richard Lippold achieves startling effects in intricately arranged, precisely engineered constructions of suspended wire and sheet metal. Often large and always lyrical, his work explores abstract spatial relationships including the play of light as an essential component of the sculptures. Among the museums displaying this artist’s works are the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Located outside the Segerstrom Center for the Arts building.

Location: Costa Mesa

Medium type: Aluminum; Stainless Steel

Date created: 1986

Dimensions: 60' X 120' X 100'


600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626


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