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Flight at Tustin

Flight at Tustin

Bonnie Reiss, 2019

“My family is Russian and Polish, so a lot of my work is based off the traditional folk art that I grew up with. So I kind of take what I knew growing up with what I am learning as I am getting older and I mesh them together. I wanted to do something that looked almost like confetti or like you were throwing something up in the air, and it was mixing up in the sky. So I decided to base it off of flowers and the sparkly things you see in your eyes when you are squinting at the sun. And then throw in a few kites. I just wanted to feel good, that’s all i ever want. Its a tall order for most people, so hopefully they’ll just feel good about the environment they are in.”

Category: Mural
Location: Tustin

Date created: 2019

Dimensions: 8 stories tall


1705 Flight Way, Tustin, CA, 92782

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