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High Expectations

High Expectations

Josh Agles “Shag”, 2019

“A lot of my influence comes from graphic design and illustration from the fifties and sixties – so something that might be used to sell soup or a car and then repurposing it for fine art. When there is a big hand-painted mural on the side of a wall, it takes it out of just being a completely corporate structured environment and puts it a little bit more into the human. I hope this piece is optimistic for one thing. I want people to look at it and maybe it brightens their day a little bit. Maybe it will make them think a little bit and wonder what exactly is going on, just engage with them only if it is for a few seconds.”

Category: Mural
Location: Tustin

Medium type: Paint

Date created: 2019


1705 Flight Way, Tustin, CA, 92782

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