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Derek Parker and Jason Chakravarty, 2006

Aluminum and neon sculpture is located along Arts Drive. It was commissioned by Emeriti. In Direction consists of three narrow vertical rectangular metal frames that house hinged perforated metal screens. Mounted atop six-inch diameter poles high above the ground, the screens respond to the wind, gently swaying back and forth as if they were gates, windows or doors.These three imposing structures are positioned in a triangular formation on a slightly sloped field amongst a grove of eucalyptus trees adjacent to the Arts Drive campus entrance. They demark the entrance to the campus and specifically the entrance to the art department. They are a distant cousin of the man-created rock formations once used as landmarks in ancient civilizations. Yet they are distinctly contemporary, made of materials that echo the parking structure visible in sight line across the street. The silver metal surfaces hint at a bygone minimalist esthetic from an era when artists used industrial materials for their purity of form. Like the parking structure across the street from In Direction, the sculpture lights up at night—via blue neon lights mounted on the interior edge of the rectangular forms. At night In Direction becomes a beacon that gently announces in a subtle abstract fashion: “This is the gateway to art.”

Jason Chakravarty (1976– ) M.F.A., and Derek Parker (1975 – ) B.F.A., are both graduates of Cal State Fullerton.

Location: Fullerton

Medium type: Aluminum; Neon

Date created: 2006

Dimensions: 18' x 3' x 4' (each section)


800 North State College Boulevard, Fullerton, CA, 92831


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