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Los Niños Del Mundo

Los Niños Del Mundo

Emigdo Vasquez, 1994

This mural is located in Lemon Park. It was restored by Debra May, Rachel Burrch, and Tracy Lucero in 2012. City of Fullerton CUFFS Program.

The “Los Niños Del Mundo” mural was the first CUFFS mural. It was produced with neighborhood Elementary and Jr. High School students as part of restoration of earlier Lemon Park murals.

After two decades, the once colorful mural began to fade. In 2019, Higgy Vasquez received the funding necessary to restore his father’s mural. The restoration was completed on Sept. 21 of that same year.

“Los Niños del Mundo” features images of 13 children from various regions around the world. It has inspired those who pass by it on Lemon Street for over 25 years. The mural displays a plethora of different cultures, which makes it capable of being relatable for people of various backgrounds and walks of life.

Category: Mural
Location: Fullerton

Date created: 1994


701 South Lemon Street, Fullerton, CA, 92832

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