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Nellie Gail Display Case

Nellie Gail Display Case

Nellie Gail was born in Irving, Kansas on December 8, 1878. She spent her childhood in Nebraska and later became a school teacher in the state of Washington near Seattle in the early 1900’s. Her father, John Gail, was an El Toro storekeeper and Nellie often visited southern California during the summer months. On one of her trips to the area, she met and fell in love with Lewis Moulton. The two married in 1908. Moulton by that time had aquired 22,000 acres including the land of Rancho Niguel. The newly married couple settled on this vast ranch and raised 2 daughters, Charlotte and Louise.

Lewis Moulton was born in Chicago in 1854. He came to California in 1874. He grew up in a family of doctors and lawyers but yearned for a life outdoors. When he arrived in Santa Ana in 1875, he began tending sheep for Charles French, later buying him out. He then turned his desires to the ranch land that had been granted to Juan Avila in 1842. This land, Rancho Niguel, was owned at this time by Cyrus B. Rawson. Moulton leased 19,000 acres from Mr. Rawson in 1884. He later formed a partnership with Jean Pierre Daguerre, and began raising sheep, cattle and dry-farming. The sucessful partnership made it possible for Moulton and Daguerre to purchase the land in 1895. Mr. Moulton died in 1938 after working the land for 54 years. Nellie Gail continued management of the land for the next 12 years until turning land operations over to her daughters, Louise Moulton Hanson and

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Category: Mixed Media
Location: Laguna Hills


24035 El Toro Road, Laguna Hills, CA, 92653

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