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Ningun Ser Humano Es Ilegal

Ningun Ser Humano Es Ilegal

No Human Being is Illegal

SAPO, 2009

A collage of images including the following symbols and archetypes: the fifth sun, el quinto sol stone image from the Tonalponalli Aztec Calendar, the Virgen Guadalupe, fertile fields and dessert mountains, image of the US/Mexico border and someone crossing over. On the wall of the border, there are words that say, “ningun ser humano es ilegal.” The image of a young man who died in front of the wall is also painted in his honor.

This was the first mural painted by SAPO (Siempre Aprendiendo Pintar Obedeciendo), a collective of young artists and community organizers who spent 2 weeks prior to painting the mural consulting the residents at “Villa del Sol” apartments and homes surrounding the wall. While doing this, they met family members of a young man who had been killed by a drive-by a few weeks before the mural was painted. The family members also helped with painting. The US/Mexico border and words “Ningun ser humano es ilegal” were painted due to a morning raid done by ICE terrorizing the residents of “Villa del Sol.” The mural established a sense of pride and power of collectivity.

Category: Mural
Location: Santa Ana

Date created: 7/1/09


2014 Monte Vista Avenue, Santa Ana, CA, 92704


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