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Nurture Your Family

Nurture Your Family

Isais Crow and Werc Alvarez, 2013

Isaias Crow is an international muralist, speaker, and author. He is inspired by the spirit realm and even describes himself as a spirit guide. Crow hopes audiences will appreciate the patterns of color and shape he and muralist, Werc Alvarez, have incorporated in this space. Both Werc and Crow have very unique styles of art that are shown in the mural; however, their styles blend into an amazing masterpiece. The main distinction between their artwork is that Alvarez focuses on animals, while Crow’s focus is on human facial features. Though they worked separately on their portians of the mural a story emerges oas a result of their long collaboration and trust in each other.

A figure on the left, where Werc painted, looks vaguely like a serpent, or maybe an Aztec warrior – maybe an Aztec warrior from outer space. The two artists, longtime friends and collaborators who attended El Paso High School together, have bleanded their work in a colorful, and otherworldly piece.

Category: Mural
Location: Santa Ana

Date created: 2013


Between Spurgeon Street and French Street, Santa Ana, CA, 92701

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