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Orc and Wolf Statue

Orc and Wolf Statue

Designed by: Nick Carpenter, Sam Didier, and Glenn Rane; Sculpted by: Eden Small, Richard Taylor, and Daniel Cockersell; Manufactured by: WETA limited , 2007

When visitors pass through the gates of Blizzard’s office campus in Irvine, they see the Orc statue.

Blizzard presented the challenge of creating a “larger-than-life” sculpture of a fearsome wolf-mounted orc warrior from Warcraft to New Zealand-based Weta Workshop and artisans from China. The team in New Zealand scanned the original 12-inch tall statuette and created a virtual 3D model.The model was sent to the manufacturing center in China, where it was sculpted, molded, casr, waxed, bronzed, welded, and buffed to turn the virtual model into a 12 foot tall statue. It was then transported by shipping container to the site.

At the site, when it was installed, it was placed on a compass with Blizzard’s eight core values at its points.

Location: Irvine

Medium type: Bronze

Date created: 2007

Dimensions: 12' tall


16215 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA, 92618

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