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Brian Peterson

Serenity is located at 4 Hutton on the south side of the parking structure, and took six days to complete. Peterson used 37 colors of paint to create the 3-dimensional mural by creating see-through layered effects that shimmer at various times of the day due to the adjacent building’s reflective stainless-steel banding. He explained that the concept for the mural takes the idea of a lotus flower and blends it with modern materials and layering.

Peterson shared that “a lotus flower grows in the murkiest of waters. It prevails through the thick mud and blooms to become an image of hope. [I hope] this piece continues to inspire the many businesses, employees, and partners who visit 4 Hutton daily.”

“We’re proud that 4 Hutton is the home of Brian Peterson’s mural, which will further beautify the property and the city of Santa Ana,” said Michelle Gottlieb, Senior Vice President at LaSalle Investment Management. “We strongly believe in making the communitied in whcih we live, work and invest better places, and we are excited that this mural will be publicly accessible so the community can enjoy it.”

Category: Mural
Location: Santa Ana

Medium type: Paint


4 Hutton Centre Drive , Santa Ana, CA, 92707

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