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Something in the Sky

Something in the Sky 

Jouvon Michael Kingsby and Michael Ziobrowski

Something in the Sky was created by artists Jouvon Michael Kingsby (JOUVON) and Michael Ziobrowski. Kingsby painted his first mural in a bunker that had formerlu been occupied by Saddam Hussein while he served in a fifteen-month military tour in Iraq. Kingsby relocated to Santa Ana, where he continued painting murals and some other artwork. His portrait-styled artwork can be found accross Southern California. Something in the Sky became part of the first wave of artists to paint within the East End neighborhood of Santa Ana. Because this building is included in Santa Ana’s Register of Historic Properties, the artists were not allowed to paint directly onto the brick exterior of the building. Instead the artist painted Something in the Sky on the stucco-covered section of the building’s second story balcony. The mural features Jouvon’s portrait of a woman’s face over Ziobrowski’s colorful abstract background.

Category: Mural
Location: Santa Ana


Between 3rd and 4th Street, Santa Ana, CA, 92701

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