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The Storyteller, Upstage/Downstage, The Herald

The Storyteller, Upstage/Downstage, and Herald

Jason Meadows, 2006

The Storyteller, Upstage/Downstage, and Herald, are sculptures created by Jason Meadows for the South Coast Repertory’s terrace. This trio of sculptures invites it’s audience to participate in a theatrical experience and partake in this ‘three-act outdoor performance’ during intermission breaks at SCR. In The Storyteller, a schematically rendered, human scale playwright leans forward as if in conversation with the public who can sit on the adjoining functional benches to relax and engage in the art assemblage. Progressing to the next level, Upstage/Downstage can be read as a witty reference to the stage itself, complete with overhead light fixtures and theatrical crew, mediated by a functional bench for theatre-goers. Finally, Herald is a very abstract figure signposting SCR and providing a physical and visual inaugurate for the guests.

Location: Costa Mesa

Medium type: Painted Steel

Date created: 2006


655 Town Center Dr., Costa Mesa, CA, 92626

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