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Mark Lere, 1988

This sculpture is found in the entryway/courtyard of the Heritage Park Regional Library by Mark Lere. The totem, throne and spiral inset into concrete at Heritage Park Library. The totem mount is secure, however the actual sculpture could actually be lifted out of the receiver.

The sculpture itself, has a uniform finish. These pieces are actually made so that you can spin them around. The throne is a little beat up. There are some areas where stone has been broken away and is missing. Structurally, what is left is sound and doesn’t look too bad until you give it a close inspection. It could be repaired.

The spiral inset into the concrete is in the worst shape of the three pieces of the sculpture. There are multiple pieces and some pieces are loose and just setting there. This piece could be repaired but it would be extensive and involve removing elements, replacing missing pieces and reattaching them.

Location: Irvine

Date created: 1988


14361 Yale Avenue, Irvine, CA, 92604


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