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Villa Bella Grotto

Villa Bella Grotto

Leah Vasquez, 1992

Funded by MacGillvray

This pique assiette, or prickly seating, is composed of cement imbedded with bits of broken pottery and glass collected from local residents and beaches. The concept for the Villa Bella Grotto emerged directly from the dictates of the site and the idea of how public art is accessed, created and experienced, Leah said.

“I wanted this piece to be a gentle reminder of handcrafted and slower times; something that will be discovered while sitting, walking, taking a closer look, while at the same time being able to throw out a sparkle that one captures in the corner of one’s eye while driving past at night, attracting the romance in all of us,” the artist explained.

City of Laguna Beach public art collection.

Location: Laguna Beach

Medium type: Glass; Pottery

Date created: 1992


2470 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA, 92651

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