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Wild Horses in San Juan Capistrano

Wild Horses in San Juan Capistrano

10 Various Artists

Dana Yarger said his choice to bring the mustang scultpures to San Juan is a nod to the town’s storied past. Yarger was fascinated by the historical anecdotes of the wild mustangs that once roamed the hills of San Juan Capistrano, so he views the addition of his colorful equine statues as a vibrant reminder of that past. Along with the leader of the project and president of the Camino Real Playhouse, Tom Scott, and co-owner of America Horse Products, Yaerger has enlisted about 10 artists to join the “Wild Horses in San Juan Capistrano” movement. Participating artists include Art Guevara and Chor Boogie. Celebrities involved with the project include actors WIlliam Devane, Sam Elliot, and Katharine Ross.


San Juan Capistrano, CA, 92675

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