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Dragon Institute, The

Dragon Institute, The

Wing Chun Kung Fu school with locations in Dana Point and Irvine, CA. Specializing in classes for ages 5 and up.

Wing Chun is unlike other martial arts. It is a very integrated system with many benefits. Wing Chun is:

one part highly effective self-defense for real world scenarios
one part a daily mental health discipline
one part healthy physical exercise
one part life philosophy
one part meditation

Unlike most martial arts, Wing Chun is not a sport. Wing Chun doesn’t compete in point-based tournaments or sports competitions. When it comes to the combat application of Wing Chun, we are focused entirely on self-defense. Practicing a martial arts system for self-defense is entirely different from a sport-based martial arts approach. Participating in tournaments and matches changes the way your mind approaches a self-defense situation. So our training is completely different than those martial arts you see competing in competitions. That mindset transfers directly to how you respond and deal with the realities of self-defense. Wing Chun is a guide that takes you through a never-ending pursuit of an ideal. It is both a martial art and a philosophy that becomes a way of life that encompasses the full mind, body and spirit. Many martial arts today lack this very necessary integration.


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